Enhance Performance

Organizational Culture:

There is unequivocal evidence that strong cultures produce strong results. Organizations that have positive cultures outperform their competitors in all performance measures. They are characterized as places where customers want to do business, and people want to work. Words like "visionary", "employer-of-choice", "successful", and "progressive", are used to describe these organizations. They are admired by their customers, suppliers and competitors.

Typically, these visionary companies have several identifiable characteristics. At the top of the list is a strong sense of purpose, and a strong set of values. They are made up of people that are deeply committed to the organization and experience professional satisfaction by being a part of something special. These organizations listen intently to the needs of their customers or clients, and are willing to adapt to changing times. In addition, there are internal policies and procedures, formal and informal, which provide the framework for people to behave in accordance with the stated goals and objectives.

BCG's clients are organizations that are seriously committed to working on their culture. The work takes several forms: evaluating current culture, identifying opportunities to improve, and initiating change initiatives that are required to meet current and future demands.

In analyzing organizational culture, BCG often utilizes the Denison Culture Survey. Developed by Daniel Denison and William S. Neale, this process links organizational culture to tangible bottom-line performance measures. Four culture traits have been proven to have a significant impact on organizational performance:

· Involvement
· Adaptability
· Consistency
· Mission

This survey process enables leaders to understand the impact their culture has on performance and to create strategies to improve organizational effectiveness. To view the Denison Culture Model, click

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Core Purpose and Core Values:

BCG has considerable expertise in facilitating organizations to define and articulate their Core Purpose and Core Values. Based upon the monumental work of Jim Collins (Built to Last and Good to Great), BCG facilitates organizations through this creative and motivating process. Core Purpose is defined as an organization's reason for being. It reflects people's idealistic motivations for doing the organization's work, and captures the soul of the organization. Core Values, a small set of timeless guiding principles, are the essential and enduring tenets of an organization. They define the manner in which the organization operates, formally and informally, internally and externally.

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Organizational Change Initiatives:

"The only thing consistent in life is change".

Yet, overcoming resistance to change is critical and necessary if any change initiative, regardless of size or scope, is going to be successful. Too often, great ideas fail in execution. The reason they fail is because little attention was placed on ways to introduce the idea into an organization. Change is inevitable: and most individuals do understand the need to do things differently in order to continuously improve. The manner in which the change is introduced into an organization, however, can make all the difference in acceptance and implementation. BCG assists in planning, initiating, and providing ongoing support for change efforts. Done correctly, change initiatives will be accepted faster, easier, and the desired results will be achieved at maximum levels.

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