Plan Your Future

"The essence of strategy is choice".

"You can't be all things to all people".

BCG's strategic planning process is designed to provide a framework for formal decision-making to accomplish the following:

· Understand your potential
· Enrich your vision while creating a road map for success
· Align your efforts
· Assign accountability to maximize results
· Excite staff and key stakeholders

Key elements addressed in the strategic plan include analysis, business definition, core ideology, direction, action plans, and implementation. It is recommended that a strategic planning team be selected, comprised of wide spectrum of views and perceptions. In this manner, the planning process acts as a powerful team building experience for members of the planning team. BCG's strategic planning process is designed to incorporate the ideas of all stakeholders in order to build commitment and enthusiasm for the final plan. The entire process serves as a powerful catalyst for action.

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Facilitation Services:

BCG provides expert facilitation for organizations for a variety of reasons. Whether it is for planning, problem solving, or conflict resolution, BCG is able to have team members focus all of their energies and ideas on the particular task at hand without distraction. Facilitation provides the needed structure to generate creativity and enthusiasm while monitoring individual contribution and team dynamics. BCG is skilled at facilitating planning retreats, project teams, teams needing to maintain focus and/or think in unique ways, and teams experiencing conflict or communication problems.

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