Create Teamwork

A team is an energetic group of people, committed to achieving a common objective, which work well together, enjoy doing so, and produce high quality results. Team building is a process designed to create a work climate where members can achieve work satisfaction by directing their energy, creativity and imagination toward improving their work and work environment.

Teamwork is characterized by the team's willingness to examine its process so as to continuously improve itself as a team and as individuals.

BCG works with teams at all levels, from start-up to mature. Team building sessions are designed to improve planning/problem-solving skills, create goals and objectives, improve interpersonal relationships between team members, and resolve conflict. BCG's approach is based upon the concept of dialogue: mutual purpose is best accomplished in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect, combined with open and honest communication. BCG also provides services to improve relationships between teams, particularly as it relates to cooperation and collaboration.

Benefits of Team Building:

· Increased productivity, efficiency
· Increased trust, respect
· Better serve "customers" - internal and external
· Greater stability, security
· Achievement of business objectives and personal goals
· Willingness to take risks, try new things
· Greater comfort level
· Clarification of goals, roles, procedures, relationships
· Create collaboration and reduce competition
· Better able to handle change


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