BCG offers a variety of custom training programs. Designed for results, training is highly interactive and practical. New skills are practiced with live, real-world examples. BCG views training as an opportunity to learn new ways of performing, while simultaneously building commitment to the organization. Training programs are provided in the following areas (click BCG to view a presentation of each program):

BCG Interviewing and Selection
BCG Enhancing Client/Customer Satisfaction

BCG Team Development

BCG has established an alliance with Goren and Associates (GAA), an organizational training and development company. GAA's mission is "to work with the business community to humanize the organizational environment thereby making it more positive and more productive." Since GAA was founded in 1981, they have concentrated on value-added training alternatives in the area of human interaction skills. A sampling of their training programs include:

> Coaching Skills
> Conducting Successful Meetings
> Dealing with Change
> Delivering Winning Presentations
> Deterring Workplace Violence
> Diversity in the Workplace
> Facilitation Skills
> Instituting Change for Leaders
> Interpersonal Communication
> Introduction to Supervision
> Management 101
> Negotiation Skills
> Supervision Skills
> Sexual Harassment
> Strengthening Your Emotional Intelligence
> Stress Management
> Tools for Creativity and Innovative Thought

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